WWE News: The Rock Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Return To WWE

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a busy man these days. He’s coming off a 2013 year where he was a huge name in movies, having three number one movies in a row. He also main-evented WrestleMania 29 with John Cena, although it was a losing effort.

2014 seemed to be just as profitable for The Rock as he is the star of the highly anticipated film, Hercules. The Hercules movie is, of course, the story of the Greek strong man who became a hero to his people.

Rock is doing a ton of press for this potential summer blockbuster, which means a series of questions that might be weird, cool, uncomfortable, etc. It’s how the media works, of course. When talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Rock was asked about potentially coming back to the WWE. The interviewer wanted to know what it would take for Rock to lace the boots up again, and surprisingly, Rock seemed to be in favor of a return.

But it would only happen on a few conditions. Rock said that he wants to return, but it will take knowing what event it will be. Also, the pay must be equal or bigger to his return in 2013 for him to consider it. He mentioned that he would most likely continue to work with WWE from time-to-time, but his primary focus is his acting. Basically, Rock will return for a promo or special event, but not just to wrestle every time.

Many wonder why Rock would want so much money to do something that he claims to love, especially knowing that due to his impressive movie career, he doesn’t technically need the money.

The Rock

The reason is the stress on the body. The last two times The Rock wrestled at WrestleMania, he was hurt both times. The last time, he ended up with a severe injury which saw his abdominal and adductor tendons torn from his pelvis. Rock underwent surgery on April 23 to reattach the torn tendons. In August of 2013, The Rock hinted a possible retirement, but ultimately did not rule out a return, so it makes sense that he would be able to come back if he wanted.

Rock simply cannot work as much as he used to in WWE. Putting a body through so much, no matter how in shape you are, is not something everyone can do. This is why people such as The Undertaker end up getting hurt worse and worse each time they come back. Taker only wrestles once a year, and like Rock, got hurt the last few times he wrestled.

Rock did wrestle a few times in both returns, but it was spread out enough that it didn’t do him much good. While most would imagine one match a year wouldn’t be as tough on the body, it’s actually a bad thing for a wrestler surprisingly. So, it’s not a shock to know Rock got hurt. I know I would want good money for putting my body through such a horrible ordeal or potentially horrible one.

Rock did tell THR that has always been a fan of WWE and loved being part of the WWE for years, saying about his time in wrestling:

“I loved it. I loved the showmanship, and I loved the theatricality. It was so entertaining and over-the-top, and I was always mesmerized by these guys.”

WWE obviously helped to create a massive star in The Rock. Naturally, the WWE would love to continue to bring The Rock back each and every week, but that’s not in the cards anymore. However, since he has not ruled out a return, we could see him back in the company maybe by WrestleMania 31. He still technically does have a WWE Title rematch available if he wishes to take it.

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