Elders Reacting To Google Glass Proves They Are Not That Ignorant To New Tech

Youtube channel, TheFineBros, are at it again, introducing elders to something that this current generation is accustomed to. This time it is Google Glass.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we wrote that Google Glass is not fully accepted everywhere it can go. This includes a bar that has banned the new tech from being used because it might invade someone’s privacy. The fact that someone can take a picture of anyone they want just by saying so with these pair of glasses on stealth probably makes this product a paparazzi’s dream! We also made a report that everyone’s privacy may be a thing of the past with Google Glass. Not bad for a $1500 piece of gadgetry that took only $80 to make. Also, for those who support the new tech, they might not find its worth after being beat up while strolling through a park.

In the video, elders are given the Google Glass to try out, and guess what? Some of them already know about it. This proves that elders, despite the stereotype of not being in the know of up-and-coming technology, are just as educated on today’s trends and tech if they choose to be. I’ve seen elder ladies power walk in the morning while listening to their iPod minis! They are not as ignorant as society makes them out to be.

Honestly, this video by TheFineBros was made for entertainment as well as utilizing the stereotype that elders are not with the current times. Like I said before, they are not as ignorant as everyone else, especially the media and society, make them out to be. And to be honestly fair, I am sure you can give Google Glass to a middle-aged person, teenager, or kid, and still get the same reactions as the elders. I mean it isn’t exactly common tech you know!

[Image via screencap of TheFineBros, ELDERS REACT TO GOOGLE GLASS]

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