Dads Respond to Disney’s ‘Frozen’ In Parody Video That Will Leave You Laughing [Video]

You have to listen to these dads as they express, in song, what so many other parents are feeling when a new Disney hit comes out on DVD. There are a lot of Frozen video parodies on the web, but none quite like this.

Dads Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson star in the video parody as the “dads”. The Audio was done by Doug Higgins and Chad Reisser with the whole production directed by Matt Reithmayr. The four men call themselves “DudeDay Films” and describe themselves on their Youtube Channel as “a bunch of funny dudes + too much time – sound judgement = a recipe for disaster. Here’s where we’ll post the stuff we come up with…at least the stuff that won’t get us arrested.

With lyrics like:

For I know that I will never

Get these songs out of my head

Cuz they’ll be singing them forvever

Long after I am dead.

You will be rolling on the floor laughing.

The video went viral and now has, as of this posting, had over 304,000 views on Youtube. Twitter also came alive with tweets about the video.

However, some people take Disney movies much more seriously than the parody dads, like this woman who divorced her husband for not liking ‘Frozen’.

Which Disney movie do you dread hearing in the vehicle the most? Does Disney’s Frozen rank at the top of your list too like these video parody dads?

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