Nine American Things Japan Does Better Than America [VIDEO]

A YouTube video is going viral on nine American things that Japan does better than America, and it is getting a lot of attention primarily because of its presentation and who made the video.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, there are some things that Japan doesn’t do better than America anymore. For example: video games Western developers such as Activision, EA, and Ubisoft are dominating the market so much that Nintendo was reporting losses for a time. Most recently Capcom, one of the biggest developers and publishers in Japan, is doing so badly that they are now willing to be bought out and absorbed into another company. Maybe they need to take a side venture in vending machines, since Japan loves those! I mean they are so prominent and sell everything from girl’s panties to wi-fi!

Besides that, Japan does a lot of things that America has done and expanded them to unbelievable heights. I also made sure to ask some of my friends who have been to Japan — one who is a fellow writer here — to verify if any of this is true. Actually, I learned a lot more about the culture than I needed to, including the popularity of video games and anime, both of which are so big that some people become obsessed. However, these people, known as “otakus,” are branded as second-rate citizens. Also, perverts groping women riding public transportation subways is a major situation, and most of the women put up with it because they don’t want to “make a scene.”

Nevertheless, Buzzfeed did a great job showing off some of the best Japan has to offer. I did find it funny they compared Disney to Miyazaki because Miyazaki’s films are distributed through Disney in the United States. At least they said it was a tie. Also, if baseball games are that fan-interactive, I wonder what the soccer games would be like! Or better yet, what would the soccer riots be like? Maybe someone will power up their level over 9,000 before attacking!

[Image via YouTube video screenshot]

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