Conservative AND Beautiful! Four PolitiChicks Make List Of ’20 Hottest Conservatives’

Congratulations! Beauty and brains together in the same person can, and does, happen. PolitiChicksTV has just announced that four PolitiChicks have made Right Wing News‘ 6th annual list of the “20 Hottest Conservative Women in the New Media” for 2014. The list was released on Thursday, June 19.

Every year John Hawkins of Right Wing News puts together a list voted on by a team of conservative judges of their top 20. Hawkins points out that “this list only covers active women in the new media. That means no Fox News contributors, no congressional aides, and no think tankers — unless they have a new media presence as well.”

The four PolitiChicks who make up 20% of the top 20 list are anchors Ann-Marie Murrell and Dr. Gina Loudon, New Jersey PolitiChick Alyssa LaFage, and former California PolitiChick writer Michelle Moons.

The original PolitiChick anchor was Ann-Marie Murrell. She was joined in 2012 by Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon. Since then, the team has added the voices of an impressive list of “strong, independent, and accomplished conservative women” from across the United States who write and comment on the news of the day in “inimitable, innovative ways.”

Ann-Marie Murrell is the National Director/Editor-in-Chief of She speaks, writes, and blogs on conservative issues, and is a frequent guest on radio and tv as well as political rallies. IMDb describes her as “one of the go-to conservative reporters in Los Angeles.” She has interviewed many of the conservative personalities that shape culture, including Dr. Ben Carson, Lt. Col. Allen West, and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Murrell was one of the last reporters to interview the late Andrew Breitbart.

Dr. Gina Loudon is the host of “Smart Life with Dr. Gina” on MoneyBizLife Network, and is a frequent commentator on FOX News. The PolitiChick anchor and passionate talk show host is also considered to be one of the founding members of the Tea Party. Known for her love of stiletto heels, guns and bacon, Dr. Gina is a busy mom who also writes and speaks frequently as a powerful voice for truth and justice, admonishing her listeners to “Go boldly now and live the truth.”

Alyssa LaFage is a New Jersey PolitiChick, a conservative activist with “a fiery passion for individual liberty and traditional American values.” As a speaker and writer, she has focused on calling out statists, exposing ideological failures, and advocating for intelligent conservative ideals. Alyssa is the creator and editor of, and contributor to and the “Wayne Dupree Radio Show.”

Finally, Michelle Moons is a former California PolitiChick writer and Breitbart columnist, as well as a campaign treasurer pursuing her CPA license. She has traveled extensively abroad, including tours of Nazi concentration camps. According to PolitiChicks, her study and visit to the Terezin camp “gave her a deep understanding of the Nazi’s extensive use of the deception and propaganda that tragically fooled Red Cross representatives into believing that Jews were living there in relative comfort.”

“Much of Michelle’s motivation comes from this understanding that living in the USA has given us a false sense of security; that citizens need to be ever vigilant of who we elect into office beginning at the local level; they are the state and national politicians of tomorrow.” The Inquisitr previously reported the story of a Jewish survivor of the Terezin concentration camp, Inge Auerbacher, recounting the tragic loss of life resulting from the policies of the day in Germany, policies which conservatives like Michelle see happening in the United States today.

These four incredible PolitiChicks are joined in the top 20 list by Lila Rose of Live Action, blogger and columnist Michelle Malkin, former Vice Presidential candidate and blogger Sarah Palin, Scottie Hughes of TPNN, Naked D.C.’s Emily Zanotti, Anna Marie Hoffman from Counter Cultured, columnist Jedediah Bila, FOX blogger Monica Crowley, columnist Rachel Marsden, Mary Katherine Ham from Hot Air, columnist Katie Kieffer, video blogger Julie Borowski, Political Prospect‘s Kayleigh McEnany, Dana Loesch from The Blaze, columnist S.E. Cupp, Townhall‘s Katie Pavlich, and Kristin Tate from Breitbart Texas.

These ladies, as well as the PolitiChicks, are proof-positive that the conservative movement has a great deal of beauty going for them as they write, speak, and work in their areas of influence to have a positive voice in the culture wars. That fully 1/5 of the women named to this list are PolitiChicks testifies that this vibrant, passionate group of powerhouses are making a difference.

The PolitiChicks believe that “conservative women — with their maternal instincts and warrior spirit – can change the world.” They certainly are working hard to do so.

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