Exorcism Fail: Telephone Call Interrupts Man’s ‘Exorcism’ (Video)

An “exorcism” that took place at a church in Africa has people scratching their heads and has a pastor and his “demon possessed” parishioner likely answering questions from the church membership.

The exorcism was taking place in the middle of a church service at an undisclosed parish when right in the middle of the alleged casting out of demons, the man seen convulsing on the floor while the pastor hits him has a sudden interruption, reports The Daily Caller.

“A pastor in Africa was casting out demons in the name of Jesus when the man answered a call on his cell phone. Hilariously, while writhing around on the floor, he answered the phone, seriously pissing off the priest.”

The DC quoted the man who was supposedly having demons cast out of him as telling his chatty friend on the telephone that he was “under serious anointment,” with the report adding that the man receiving the exorcism eventually expressed frustration with his telephone friend.

“He soon grew perturbed — apparently the person on the other end of the horn didn’t quite understand and he began to shout that he was being anointed and would call back later. ‘I say I’m being anointed!’ he yelled. ‘Can’t you understand?'”

The website Elite Daily took a more sarcastic tone when discussing the video, calling out more charismatic Christian sects.

“I know that this looks like a damning indictment of sects like this, but I’d disagree with that interpretation.

“If I’m in the middle of being anointed, you best believe I’m going to answer my phone if it’s ringing. I know that God is supposed to be omnipotent and all-seeing, but that doesn’t mean he’s above using a phone.

“You’d have to be an idiot not to take a break from your mini-exorcism, at the very least to check your caller ID.”

At least the exorcism only involved a phone call and not worse.

A report by The Inquisitr includes grizzly details about a mother who stabbed two of her children during what was reported to be a failed exorcism ceremony.

“Authorities didn’t say exactly what the exorcism entailed, but did confirm that the two woman being charged believed they were carrying out a ritual ceremony to defeat evil spirits and demons.”

The 28-year-old Maryland mother was charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted first degree murder, the report said.

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