Alton Brown Shows How To Slice A Mango Correctly, Video Goes Viral Because Most People Don’t Know How

Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats and Iron Chef America, posted a video this week on how to slice a mango, and surprisingly, it went viral.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Alton Brown has been doing a lot recently with the show The Next Food Network Star. The show not only is successful for the niche channel, but also has introduced the world to some very entertaining chef/cook hosts such as Guy Fieri, who does excellent as a host but seems to do poorly opening up his own restaurant since the negative reviews just stack up. Maybe the disappointment and anger from such negativity can be related to the brawl he had with his hairdresser, or the fact that the guy who stole his Lamborghini was sentenced to life in prison.

The video was released on Alton Brown’s YouTube channel. Following in the same quirky and entertaining format as his show Good Eats, there is a lot of simple comedy surrounding the important task at hand, which is of course slicing a mango. Such comedy bits include the beginning where a mango is shown in one cage and a puppet that represents an over-caffeinated weasel with rabies in the other after Brown asks his viewers, “Which one is harder to handle.” Apparently the mango won!

Then comes some demonstrations on how not to cut a mango, which always ends in fake blood representing injury. Finally, the right way to slice a mango is presented, and it is quite simple. I am surprised I didn’t think it up. Must be overthinking the solution, I guess.

Probably the real question is how can a video of slicing a mango attain over 1 million views in less than a day? Surely Alton Brown is a popular chef, but compared to Bobby Flay and Giada de Larentiis, he is kind of unknown despite his food intelligence. Maybe it is because most people don’t know how to cut a mango correctly, especially with that huge core it has in its center. After viewing Brown’s way though, it is evident that digg was right. It is an insanely Byzantine method for cutting mangos.

[Image via Alton Brown’s How To Slice A Mango Video]

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