TNA News: TNA Crowns New World Champion Last Night On Impact Wrestling Mirroring WWE Storyline Plans

In what can only be news that would upset many TNA fans, the company decided to take the TNA World Championship off of Eric Young last night on Impact Wrestling, TNA’s premier and well, only TV show. The idea was always planned for Eric Young to lose the Title around this time, however we can pretty much report that TNA has almost mirrored WWE in their use of Young, comparing him to Daniel Bryan.

Also, TNA put together a heel stable that happen to be in an Authority position of which is almost a carbon copy of WWE’s Evolution. The young guy in Kenny King, the power man in Lashley, and the man running it all, MVP. It’s as close to Evolution as you can get really. However, sometimes despite plans the main guy cannot get things done which means someone else has to do so.

This is why Bobby Lashley ended up defeated Eric Young last night on Impact Wrestling to become the new TNA World Champ. Many saw this as a very interesting move as it’s pretty much how the WWE story was going to go at one point. When Dave Batista returned to WWE, it was planned originally for him to be in the main event of WrestleMania 30 and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The issue was that WWE fans didn’t want to see him as champ. They wanted to see Daniel Bryan win the big one! So WWE folded and put Bryan in the position to win and make everyone happy. However, injury led to Daniel Bryan having to hand over the title just mere weeks ago. The plan in TNA was similar. It was not originally planned for Young to hold the title….but TNA fans loved him and he looked similar to Bryan. He had also never been a World Champion with TNA in the decade he has been there.

Bobby Lashley

TNA knew that they were bringing in Bobby Lashley, and it only made sense to make him a World Champ in the future. The interesting part was this happened to move faster than originally planned. The idea in most minds is that MVP was going to steal the gold from Young at Slammiversary. The problem was that he hurt his knee and was unable to compete. This meant that TNA had to have some sort of match that would work…which they were successful in doing.

TNA had to take the title off of Young, and the only person that could draw as much heat at MVP was the big man, Bobby Lashley. So, while this story was almost mirror image of WWE’s original plans with Batista and The Authority, it happened to just fall into place that way and was not seemingly planned originally to be this way. However, it is interesting that TNA dropped the Bobby part from his ring name and have started to call him simply, Lashley. It’s sort of like they’re trying to tell us something.

TNA now has a new World Champion in Bobby Lashley regardless, and while many are happy Lashley finally has a “real” World Title, Young is so beloved that seeing him without the World Title is a bit of a tough pill to swallow. Obviously Young will get a rematch down the line and may even win it back. That could especially be true if Daniel Bryan wins the World Title back in WWE…that’s how a mirror works after all.

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