Want To Look Like Kate Middleton? Kate’s Extremely Strange Diet Might Just Change Your Mind

In the eyes of the world Kate Middleton may be something of a fairy-tale princess, but poor Kate’s diet sounds like something out of a horror film.

Obviously, with the eyes of the world eagerly watching her every move with baited breath, the Duchess of Cambridge wants to look her best.

Kate is also married to the future King of England and is sister to the glamorously competitive Pippa Middleton, so there’s a little extra pressure and added headache for Kate right there.

And when you factor into the arrival of the effortlessly glamorous Queen of Spain on the world stage, with all the extra splash, dash, and panache that she brings to the table, then Kate really has to up the ante and stay on top of her game, if she doesn’t want her crown as style icon numero uno to slip anytime soon.

And as Kate and all you reckless girls guiltily tucking into your chicken dinners and extra fries know, high style, skin that shines with an angelic sheen, and a size six Middletonesque figure comes at a heavy price.

In order for Kate Middleton to maintain her trimmer than trim figure, her glowing complexion, and her radiant aura, the Duchess has adopted a pretty strange diet.

Kate’s extreme diet involves the eating of nothing but raw food. Sound good to you? Well it obviously does to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Although Kate Middleton has never been exactly partial to bingeing on calories and holding KFC bucket parties, Kate’s new diet sounds terribly repellent even to the most hardcore weight-watcher.

Apparently, at least for one day a week Kate chows down on nowt but raw food. Apparently Kate is particularly fond of the popular Latin American dish ceviche – raw fish marinated in the juice of lemons or limes and spices.

Raw food fanatics adhere religiously to the regime of eating uncooked food because although it may taste like something your dog would turn its nose up at, it’s is a better source of vitamins and nutrients and promotes glowing skin and stronger nails.

A friend of Kate Middleton said:

“Kate already has the perfect figure but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin.’

When you consider the other delicious treats on Kate’s menu include watermelon salads, gazpacho, goji berries, tabbouleh and almond milk, then the Duchess of Cambridge must be a very motivated lady.

Poor Kate Middleton, don’t you ever get the urge to pass the poor girl a doughnut and bark, “Binge!”

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