Lady Gaga Pulls Her ‘Do What U Want’ Music Video, Because It Promotes Rape [VIDEO]

There are many different words that can be used to describe Lady Gaga. To some, these include visionary, edgy, innovator, and originator. To others, she is crazy, desperate, disgusting, and vile. Despite the conflicting opinions, it can at least be said that Lady Gaga has some sense of morality, proven when she took down her music video for “Do What U Want.” Why? It promoted rape.

For those who don’t know, Lady Gaga’s second hit from her album ARTPOP is officially “Do What U Want” The lyrics alone blatantly grant permission, to whomever she is singing to, the right to do whatever they want to her body. So just off the bat, the song sounds like a rapist’s theme, as if the woman has given up physically but will remain strong with her heart and soul. If that is not the case, Lady Gaga had the chance to clarify the song’s meaning in its music video. Instead, it seems to enforce the negative perception.

According to an article by Us Weekly, Lady Gaga’s reason for not making a “Do What U Want” music video right after the song is because she wasn’t prepared for its production both personally and artistically. Ergo, she felt rushed when filming the video when told it had to be done now. In the end, she blames the rushed job on her team for the mismanagement of the its production. At the end of the debacle, the final cut of “Do What U Want” was simply not up to par with her vision.

The article continues on with the reasons why the video was taken down. Backed up by another article from Entertainment Weekly, the call for the video’s removal settles on two points. First, the men involved in the “Do What U Want” music video have a bit of a checkered reputation. R. Kelly is notorious for supposedly having relationships with underage girls. He also has been charged for possessing child pornography. The director and photographer, Terry Richardson, has been accused of sexual harassment by models who have worked with him before. And the second point is, of course, the promotion of rape. One example of this is when Lady Gaga gets drugged by R. Kelly followed by the next scene in which her body is being manhandled by a number of people, apparently with sushi and lobsters.

In conclusion, congratulations must be handed to Lady Gaga for showing some morality. Despite her bouts of parading around town in a see-through bra and having an artist vomit on her in the name of art, this was a good call. Unfortunately, TMZ was able to upload a 33-second clip of the music video. Now everyone can see the blatant rape themes in a video that looks like a meth version of the phrase “a snuggle with a struggle.”

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