Kate Upton Takes On A Bartender, Celebrates Her Birthday, Talks Fashion [Video]

Kate Upton has been keeping pretty busy this June. The super model is being featured in Lady Antebellum bartender video (shown above), celebrated her birthday with a big bash with the Backstreet boys, and even had time to get out some fashion advice.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, last month was kind of embarrassing for Kate Upton since a Photoshop fail completely removed her armpit in an attempt to shave her shape. Upton was also hoping to get become the next Bond girl in the untitled James Bond 24 movie, yet the rumor mill may dash her hopes of ticking that box in her career. There were even rumors that Kate Upton’s boyfriend Justin Verlander may have competition in the form of Maks Chmerkovskiy.

A little over a week ago, Kate celebrated her 22nd birthday in Chicago. But of course, everyone took to Twitter to congratulate her:

But just this morning,the Bartender video launched upon the world, and it shows the model and actress deciding to take a night on the town after a bad breakup. The night quickly turns into a battle of the drinks with a round set up similar to a boxing ring, as men wipe the sweat off the forehead Upton’s competition in one corner, and Upton’s girlfriends cheering her on in the other.

Upton also posted an Instagram photo from the set of making the Bartender video:

When it comes to fashion, Kate Upton is mostly known for her bikini photos and body paint videos. But recently, she was chosen to represent the Express brand, which has been quite a change for her:

“Every time I am on a fashion set I try to treat it completely differently from any shoot that I have been on, so it would be impossible to compare,” she says. “It helps to make the pictures way more fun for my fans to see — and for me!”

Kate also revealed how she likes to dress when she’s not doing a movie or doing photo shoots:

“I love to get all dressed up, but it can be really exhausting to get done-up like that every day. When I’m on my own, it’s more realistic for me to be casual and comfortable because I love to be outside and I am always hanging out with friends and family. My mom always told me not to buy anything that I don’t love, and I find that very helpful when shopping. The hardest thing for me about finding clothes is you have to shop a season ahead of time, and I don’t like to plan that far in advance.”

What do you think about Kate Upton’s shift away from bikinis and nude modeling?