Terry Bradshaw A D-Bag? Fans Seething At Chuck Noll Funeral No-Show

Terry Bradshaw decided to no-show the memorials for former Head Football Coach Chuck Noll — from visitation to the funeral itself — and that has many Pittsburgh Steelers fans seething at their former four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback.

Noll died last Friday. According to SportingNews.com, the family had scheduled a public viewing for Sunday night, followed by visitation on Monday, and a funeral Mass on Tuesday.

Bradshaw made none of these events in spite of the fact that he was in Pittsburgh doing his one-man show.

It’s no secret that the two had a turbulent history with one another, but as Eric Edholm of Yahoo! Sports points out, most thought they had buried the hatchet.

Terry Bradshaw had even spoken to that effect.

“He’s a good man; we all grow up,” Bradshaw once said. “The picture becomes clear when you retire. Chuck’s plan for me, the way he coached me and treated me, it was tough love. I didn’t understand it, but I understand it now and I appreciate it.”

Bradshaw added, “We probably can all say things now we wouldn’t dare say before: I love him and care for him.”

But those words were said in 2003 as part of a Ed Bouchette interview. Eleven years have passed, and many are speculating the decision to sit out Noll’s funeral was a sign that some old wounds were torn open in the interim.

Whatever the former Steelers great’s reasons are for not getting involved, they’re not good enough, according to most fans, especially when you consider the fact that Terry hasn’t even reached out to Noll’s widow with words of condolence.

(Some unsubstantiated reports have said he paid tribute to Noll at the one-man show.)

The backlash has been pretty brutal. From the Official Terry Bradshaw Facebook page:

Charles Brantley: “Not acknowlegeing chuck noll your a true jerk and a major letdown.”

George Kircher: “did I miss something was there a catastrophe yesterday or was it you just did not care to attend the funeral – national treasure – what a joke!”

Mike Tess: “Terry Bradshaw ‘you d**k’… not going to coaches service…shame on you!”

The Pittsburgh-based Starkey and Mueller Show got in on the act as well, sharing a quote from a former Steelers PR person, Joe Gordon. Gordon was quoted as saying of Bradshaw: “He’s the most insincere person I’ve ever known.”

Do you think Terry Bradshaw was disrespecting the family of Chuck Noll by not reaching out? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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