Peyton Manning Signs New Contract With Colts [Confirmed]

35-year-old quarterback Peyton Manning will remain with the Indianapolis Colts for at least five more years after signing a $90 million contract over the weekend.

Colt’s owner Jim Irsay sent out a simple Tweet in all caps to confirm the deal:


The contract ties New England’s Patriot QB Tom Brady for the biggest in the NFL after the team was able to take his deal down from $100 million to $90 million, while almost ensuring that their star QB plays out his entire career with the team he helped build, unless of course he pulls a Brett Favre later in life.

To his credit, Manning offered himself to take the $100 million dollar amount down by $10 million if the Colt’s would be willing to keep a few choice veterans.

Speaking of Manning’s move Irsay said:

“It’s a credit 2 Peyton; he put Colt fans, teammates, Ind. n winning ahead of all else.”

So there you have it Indianapolis fans, your star QB will remain yours for at least half a decade longer.

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