Halle Berry Gets Nothing But Praise From Her ‘Extant’ Co-Stars

Halle Berry is preparing to enter the world of television drama with the upcoming series Extant. According the actress’ co-stars, Berry is a remarkable person.

While the X-Men star is frequently accused of diva behavior, it’s clear that the folks who helped her bring the sci-fi series to life don’t feel that way about Berry. That’s what they’re telling the press, at least. Who knows what’s really going on behind-the-scenes.

Regardless, the Sunshine Coast Daily reports that Halle Berry received a heaping helping of praise from co-stars Camryn Manheim and Goran Visnjic. According to the them, the actress was definitely the right person to star in Mickey Fisher’s Extant.

Visnjic had this to say about Berry:

“She’s always on time, and she’s prepared and ready. But [also] the things like generosity towards everybody on a set.”

Manheim added:

“In my lifetime, I have never worked with somebody more gracious, more thoughtful, more intuitive, more fearless and more graceful than Halle Berry. You think she’s beautiful because of her outside, but I know she’s beautiful, magnified by a million percent, from what’s coming from within. She is spectacular.”

While everyone was singing Halle’s praises, the actress was busy spreading some love about the show’s producer, legendary director Steven Spielberg. Although it’s safe to say that Berry loved working with her fellow actors on the project, she decided to shine the light on the person most likely to help her land future roles.

Berry explained to the Los Angeles Times:

“The script was just amazing. I hadn’t read anything like it. And Steven Spielberg, I mean, he’s the king. If you’re gonna do TV about extraterrestrials and sci-fi and supernatural, I think he’s a good one to do it with.”

Extant follows the adventures of Molly Watts (Berry), an astronaut who returns home after a lengthy voyage into space. Although she tries to reconnect with her husband (Visnjic) and her “human robot” son, Watts’ return to Earth will have “dramatic consequences” on everyone. That purposely cryptic description will become a bit clearer once the show debuts next month. Schedule your lives accordingly.

Do you plan to catch Halle Berry in the season premiere of CBS’ Extant on July 9? Are you surprised that her co-stars have nothing but love for the actress?

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