Jennifer Aniston Rumors: Is The Actress Pregnant And Single?

Jennifer Aniston, take note: Now is probably a good time to stay away from the internet.

Much like Nina Dobrev, Miranda Lambert, and Gwyneth Paltrow, everyone loves to gossip about the Aniston’s love life. It doesn’t seem to matter how ridiculous or improbable the tale — if an outlet can find an “anonymous source,” then they’re running with the headline.

Such is the case with the folks over at In Touch magazine. According to one of their “faithful” insiders, Jennifer Aniston is expecting her first child. As if that wasn’t enough gossip to push your blood sugar to dangerous levels, the publication also claims the We’re the Millers star may end up raising the kid by herself.

According to Gossip Cop, there’s a different rumor going around that suggests Aniston’s friends are pushing her to dump Justin Theroux before things get too serious. Not surprisingly, this report originated from the depths of OK! magazine.

An anonymous source explained:

“Jen’s friends think Justin is aloof. They say that he’s never made an attempt to get to know them, and they think he has zero personality. They think Justin is the coldest man Jen’s ever dated. When he’s been around Courteney, Chelsea and the others, they say he goes out of his way to make them feel like outsiders. His world is the only one he cares about — he’s never really embraced Jen’s world, and it’s caused a huge strain on her friendships.”

Last, but certainly not least, is the rumor that Jennifer Aniston gave her boyfriend an ultimatum when the actress discovered she was pregnant. Although Jennifer’s rep has systemically crushed all of these reports, people are apparently still insanely curious about what is taking place in Aniston’s personal life.

Here’s what yet another source told Life & Style magazine:

“Jen recently thought she was pregnant. When she told Justin, she insisted that he marry her sooner rather than later. Jen really laid it down for him. She said, ‘Marry me, I’m pregnant! My child needs a father… He was thrilled about having a baby, but he’s obviously very conflicted about the wedding. He asked for some time to think.”

Since all of the junk you just read comes from tabloids and nameless tattletales, let’s assume that everything is cool, calm, and collected in Jennifer Aniston’s world. Until you hear otherwise, the actress isn’t expecting a baby and she’s perfectly happy with Justin Theroux. For the moment, anyway.

[Image via The Huffington Post / AP Photo Chris Pizzello]

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