2011 Los Angeles Dodgers mid season review

We all know that the ownership situation of the Los Angeles Dodgers is a full on train wreck, but we will see how this is affecting their on the field product. The Dodgers currently have a 48-57 record and they find themselves in fourth place in the National League West. They are in that position because of a 20-20 record against their four divisional opponents, and a 6-9 record in interleague play. Of course the ownership situation has not allowed them to be very active in the days and weeks leading up to the trade deadline, and at some point the owner will change and perhaps the staff as well.

The Dodgers offense has scored 386 runs on 881 hits. Both of those numbers rank in the bottom third of the NL. The team batting average is .250, and that is eight best in their league. Dodger hitters have struck out 698 times, and drawn 317 walks. Again both of those numbers rank in the bottom third of NL clubs. The Dodgers do sport two of their regular nine fielders with a better than .300 BA, but this team has just a .3115 OBP. That ranks in the bottom half of the senior circuit.

The Pitching staff has given up 423 runs on 866 hits. The staff ERA is 3.85, and those numbers all rank within the top half of the 16 NL teams. Dodger pitchers have struck out 813 hitters and issued 329 free passes. Again those numbers rank in the top half of the teams in their league. SP Clayton Kershaw is 12-4 with a 2.72 ERA. After him there is a drop off, but for the most part they have done OK. There are some issues in the bullpen, but again the ownership situation is precluding them from addressing anything.

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