Watch Heart-Tugging Video As This Boy Reads A ‘Letter From Heaven’ From His Late Dad On Father’s Day

A “Letter From Heaven” from a boy’s departed dad on Father’s Day not only brought the eight-year-old to tears, it’s now doing the same for thousands who have viewed this heart-tugging video on line after Gayle Valentine, a 42-year-old mom from East Sussex, England, shared it on her Facebook page.

The boy in the video is of course Gayle’s own son, Gino Valentine. The little boy lost his dad, Daryl, in January of 2010. On June 15, Gino and his “mum” visited Daryl’s gravesite to pay a Father’s Day visit. But when Gino arrived, he found a surprise waiting for him. There was an envelope on the base of the stone, held in place by a paperweight in the shape of a heart.

Inside the envelope, a “Letter From Heaven,” from Daryl to his beloved son.

Of course, the letter was written by Gayle, but the message is certainly what Daryl would write if he could. And the boy does not jump to the conclusion that his dad’s special thoughts for him were channeled through his mother.

“I know you don’t remember me very well as I came here when you were only three-and-a-half but I do see you, Sophie, nanny and Granny and dad and auntie Laura all the time. Even though you can’t see me I see you are doing very well at school. You have moved to Castledown which I think was a very good idea and yes, I hear you saying bad words,” says “Daryl” in the letter read aloud by the boy.

“Sometimes when you are angry, it’s ok to be angry, but please don’t use bad words. It isn’t very nice to hear. I wanted to come and see you but I can’t ’cause it’s not allowed when we go to heaven so I sneaked a letter inside for you to read. I miss you and I don’t get older like mummy does!”

Gino gets a smile from that last line.

“I hope I know how much I love you Gino, I am always listening and watching you all so don’t worry,” the letter continues. “Give nanny and Granddad and auntie Laura a kiss for me please. Lots of love, Daddy.”

After the video was shut down, Gino could no longer contain his emotions and the tears began to flow.

“Some of you may find this video stressful: Gino taking his Fathers Day card to Daddy….he wasn’t expecting this…” Gayle wrote on her Facebook page. “I made this public for two reasons, for family that aren’t on my friends list as my profile is private & if it helps one other child or parent then I’m ok with that.”

Gayle’s video has been shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook since last Sunday, and it has received more than 22,000 “likes.” Watch Gayle’s “Letter From Heaven” video for yourself and you’ll see why.

[Image: Gayle Valentine Facebook]

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