Despite Skipping E3, Fallout 4 Confirmed?

Failure to explicitly deny can many-a-times indicate acceptance and perhaps that is precisely the case about the hugely anticipated sequel to the post-apocalyptic game Fallout. Already tentatively (and unimaginatively) titled Fallout 4, the game was recently and indirectly confirmed by Bethesda Studios.

The creators of the series, Bethesda Studios could have essentially confirmed the game’s existence as well as its development within its confines, by ironically telling the media, they are keeping any development, a strict secret. Though it surely sounds like an oxymoron, ‘You can’t keep something secret if it’s not happening, right?’ asked Air Herald.

Fallout and its sequels have always been eagerly awaited by fans of the game and hence there have been ample hints and leaks along the way that would suggest the latest installment is in furious development. Fallout is immensely popular a game to face the axe. Hence it was logical for Bethesda’s Tom Howard to offer an official (though backhanded) acknowledgement about the game’s existence,

“The Studio is taking its time, but we are very excited about ‘it’ [Fallout 4]. The reason we’re kind of holding back right now is because we want to wait until it’s really there to show it to everybody. We don’t want to kind of dribble it out. We’d rather say, you know, ‘surprise, boom, here it is.'”

Game fans around the world were very excited at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the mecca for game developers and gamers alike which witnesses the largest display of entertainment of the electronic and digital form. Though there are multiple avenues, no other camp is as huge as that of High Definition, Hyper-Realistic Gaming. Console makers like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and many others jostle for attention of the gamers, while the latter wait impatiently for the announcement of new games that take the challenge and entertainment to the next level.

However, though there were signs everywhere, Bethesda Studios disappointed its fan-base when it chose to stay mum about Fallout 4. Interestingly though, now that E3 is over, Bethesda Studios has an even better chance to promote its highly successful game franchise. Speaking about the development, but not openly admitting it, Josh Sawyer, the lead designer and director of “Fallout: New Vegas,” said,

“Fallout games are best when the choices are – and this applies to role-playing games in general, but Fallout is a more desperate world – more agonizing. They feel more appropriate to the post-apocalyptic genre. So I hope that whatever twists and turns the story takes, it’s more nuanced than a black-and-white choice.”

In the world of rumors and grapevine, apparently less is more and so far Bethesda Studios has done a great job for Fallout 4, reported The Epoch Times.

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