Victoria’s Secret Models Do This Crazy Thing For Perfect Hair

Amongst many other things, Victoria’s Secret models are known for their long and bouncy hair. Either on the runway or in a photoshoot, the smooth tresses of these girls are flawless and envy-worthy. Now, Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Fiahlo has revealed the crazy trick that her and fellow VS supermodels do to keep their mane perfect – they burn their hair!

The procedure is known as velaterapia. Essentially, a hair stylist uses the open flame of a lit candle to burn off split ends. This “cauterizes” the hair and locks moisture in. “Yes, they actually light a candle and touch it to your hair,” Barbara Fiahlo insists, a Victoria’s Secret model who swears by the treatments. Check out a video demonstration of the procedure below!

The trend of burning off split ends originated in Brazil, a country known for long, luscious locks. “Brazilians are, in general, very much into long, bouncy, wavy hair,” says Victoria Ceridono, the beauty editor for Vogue Brazil. Brazil is only second behind the United States when it comes to money spent on hair treatment. While some Brazilian treatments have become controversial due to toxic chemicals used in some products, this treatment, while bizarre, just requires a bit of flame.

Barbara, who originates from Brazil, says this treatment works for her because she’s already done too much damage to her hair. “If I did [straightening treatments] I would lose all my hair! They’re very strong,” she says. She says the velaterapia treatment takes about two to three hours, but it’s worth it. “It’s unbelievable. You don’t get shorter hair, but if you touch the treated side it feels so much smoother and healthier!” Fiahlo says that she’s even introduced Victoria’s Secret friends Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabeli Fontana to this method, and that they’ve gone to the upscale Laces and Hair salon in Sao Paolo for treatments. The treatment has become extremely popular in Brazil among the wealthy elite.

Still want supermodel hair but can’t afford the trip to Sao Paolo (and too scared to try the candle trick at home)? There’s a simpler look that’s been popular this summer with our favorite Victoria’s Secret girls: the side braid. Miranda Kerr and Alessandra have both been spotted rocking the side braid this summer, usually paired with a chic brimmed hat. The look is perfect for those hot-and-humid days when you want to keep your hair down, but don’t want a sweaty mess. It’s kept these Victoria’s Secret models cool and pulled together on the most blazing days. (Plus, you don’t have to worry about accidentally burning your hair!)

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