Facebook Adds ‘I’m Expecting’ Option

…perhaps to discourage people who post 90,000 daily half-naked pics and pregnancy status updates from putting people off the service?

I jest… a little. Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in the human life cycle, in which approximately 50% of women begin to feel the sun rises and sets on their midsection. For every Facebook user that posts the odd, once in a while update to family and friends, there is the pregnancy liveblogger who thinks everyone wants to read about their puking, their hemorrhoids and their cravings. The constant barrage of torso pics goes from dull to gross to Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, you’re grossing me out.

Of course, the new “I’m Expecting” function on Facebook also serves for the discreet expectant parent to stave off uncomfortable questions. Users can now add their pregnancy status, a due date and even the name they’ve selected for their yet-to-be born child.

Do you use Facebook to update friends and family about your pregnancy, or are you bored of pre-baby updates? Will you be using this function if you’re expecting or plan to have a baby?


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