Andi Dorfman Quits: ‘Bachelorette’ Quits Job, Has She Found Love?

Andi Dorfman quit her job as an Assistant District Attorney. According to Us Weekly, Dorfman doesn’t have any plans to return to the firm that she was with. It is unclear whether or not she will be looking for a new job after The Bachelorette airs. Naturally, this seems like a sign that Dorfman has found love — don’t worry, no spoilers here!

While Andi still has a few weeks to go on ABC, most people already realize that she has finished taping the show and the finale has already happened. Could her quitting her job suggest that she is moving out of state to be with the guy that she chooses? Sure it could. Or it could mean that she just wants a change of scenery now that she has had a taste of fame.

Andi Dorfman could have quit her job for a number of reasons. Obviously, she needed to take some time off to film The Bachelorette, and it is quite possible that something happened that made her unable to return to work.

Perhaps she just wanted a fresh start with a new firm, who knows?

Us Weekly reports:

“According to the AJC, Dorfman was granted a leave of absence by her boss, District Attorney Paul Howard, in February. At the time, Dorfman’s request was called ‘unusual’ by Howard, but cleared, allowing her to return. The leave of absence was unpaid, and according to the AJC, Dorfman was to return to her post by May 31.”

According to TMZ, Andi Dorfman quit her job because she wasn’t allowed to take more time off. Apparently, she would have been let go if she didn’t return to work on May 31, so she decided to submit her resignation instead. The reality star did not leave on bad terms, either, so she could still get her job back in the future.

TMZ reports:

“The D.A.’s office had nothing but good things to say about her… even going as far as saying they would be open to re-hiring her if the opportunity arises.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Andi had a pretty interesting season on The Bachelorette. She made some tough choices (even on night one), but things seemed to be going okay. If you haven’t read the spoilers, your guess about who Andi ends up with is as good as anyone’s.

It seems as if Josh was the front-runner for a while — who do you think Andi will choose? Why do you think she quit her job?

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