[Rumor] PlayStation Vita releasing this October?

If the above Blockbuster flyer picked up by IGN is to be believed, Sony’s PlayStation Vita could be released as soon as this October in the UK – and, we, assume, the rest of the world at around the same time.

The flyer was sent in to IGN by, of course, an anonymous reader from the UK. IGN haven’t been able to verify the ad’s authenticity and so far neither Blockbuster nor Sony has sent out a comment, so take this one with a couple grains of salt.

Whether or not the ad turns out to be real or not, however, a release around that time isn’t exactly unlikely. When the PlayStation Vita was formally announced at E3 last month, Sony had it pegged down for a release later this year or early 2012.

Gamescom is coming up in August, so it’s possible we might hear a little something about a release date once that kicks off. If not Gamescom, there’s also Tokyo Game Show right in behind, so chances are we’ll be hearing at least something soon.

via Joystiq

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