Motorcyclist Gets What He Deserves: Watch What Happens To This Guy When He Confronts A News Reporter For Filming Him [VIDEO]

San Francisco based reporter Stanley Roberts was doing another feature for his segment “People Behaving Badly” when YouTube gold fell into his lap and a motorcyclist got what he deserved.

While observing a vehicle stopped right in the middle of Highway 101 coming up to the Golden Gate Bridge, Stanley captured a motorcyclist that missed his exit and proceeded to exit going the wrong way down the ramp.

Assuming he had just captured a few examples of “People Behaving Badly” for his KRON4 news segment, Stanley didn’t think much of what he had just videoed.

Before he knew it, he was being approached by the angry biker, livid at the fact that he was being filmed without his permission.

Running 50 yards across two lanes of traffic, the biker proceeds to ask why Stanley was filming him.

When informed that he had just went down in the wrong way, the man appeared flustered by the statement.

“Yeah, I know, I couldn’t stop fast enough,” he said like a toddler that had just been caught red-handed.

“Why are you coming over here?” Stanley asks the man.

Repeating himself, the man expresses his anger of being filmed by the reporter.

“It’s rude when you stick cameras in peoples faces without their authorization” says the motorcyclist, which was then followed up by a string of expletives and a homophobic remark.

As luck would have it, a camera used by the Golden Gate Bridge Patrol was filming the entire altercation and being watched by officers. Before the man could ride away on his motorcycle, he was stopped by the patrolmen and questioned about his actions, according to Kron4.

Shortly after, the California Highway Patrol arrived on scene and did not hesitate to issue the man a citation after viewing the video of him using the on-ramp as an exit.

But wait, it gets better.

The man was found to have no insurance and was actually driving on a suspended license. Because of this, the motorcycle was impounded by the California Highway Patrol and he won’t be able to retrieve it until after 30 days.

Had the man just kept driving, he could’ve avoided all of this. Unfortunately though, he has no motorcycle, still has no license and now has a ticket that needs to be paid.

What do you think of the way this man reacted to being filmed? Do you think he overreacted or was he justified in not wanting to be filmed? In the end, do you feel that the motorcyclist got what he deserved like the guy in this video?

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