Selena Gomez Threw A ‘Party,’ Cops Called: But It Looks TOTALLY Calm [VIDEO]

Selena Gomez allegedly threw a noisy party at her California home on Tuesday. Cops were reportedly called out by her neighbors due to “ear-crushing” noise. Bizarrely, videos of the party look calm. Nevertheless, Gomez’s parents are said to be blaming back-on boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Apparently, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are living in a version 2.0 reboot of Footloose.

So-called wild teen, Kevin Bacon, dances his way into a small town girl’s heart in the 1980s and gets the town’s teens dancing which annoys all the old timers. Remember?

For those who may be unaware, Gomez is reportedly back together with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Bieber. The couple first split in November 2012 after they began dating in 2010, and despite numerous breakups have been in a repeat cycle ever since.

Fast forward to Tuesday night and the former Disney starlet’s over $3 million Hidden Hills, California home.

According to TMZ, the “Come and Get It” songstress’ neighbors called the cops because of “loud noise” allegedly coming from a party at Selena’s.

E! News reports cops arrived at Selena’s house at around 10.30 pm after receiving a noise complaint. Police told the outlet individuals they spoke to were “very cooperative” during the visit.

The music, such as it was, was duly turned down after police told them to.

Scroll down to end for videos of Gomez’s party.

E! adds that a source told them around 20 people were present at Gomez’s home and that it was categorically “not a rager.”

The insider added:

“The music may have gotten a little too loud because it was two guys performing and there were speakers, but it definitely wasn’t some out of control party.”

The update on Gomez’s seemingly low-key evening is in stark contrast to TMZ’s breathless version.

Citing unnamed sources, TMZ claims Gomez told her family she is back with Justin because he has cleaned up his act.

Despite this, her parents — who Selena fired from manager roles in April — have apparently taken a dim view of their daughter’s visit to a Hollywood nightclub with Bieber on Monday and cops reportedly being called to her home the following night.

In fact, the couple’s West Hollywood nightclub date was a birthday party for a mutual pal of Bieber and Gomez and seems harmless from Instagram videos posted by other guests.

In the clip, Selena – wearing a white dress – is seen smiling as she stands behind a Fedora-wearing Justin.

E! News reports an insider at the Bootsy Bellows club said the pair was “holding hands” and told other party goers they were back together.

Another source confided, Bieber “has been trying to patch things up with Selena… He does love her.”

Meanwhile, Us Weekly is reporting a source said that before the party, “They spent all day riding together on a Can-Am Spyder on Sunset Boulevard.”

“Justin drove while Selena sat on the back holding on to [him]… He was incredibly sweet with her and they looked super happy and in love.”

“It is always on-and-off,” a source close to Bieber added.

“They never stop talking, even when you don’t see them together. That never changes. They fight, take a break and then get back together. No surprise that it happened once again.”

Gomez entered rehab for 14-days at an Arizona facility back in January. A month later her rep said it wasn’t for “substance abuse.”

At the time, and since, some gossip sites claimed the Spring Breakers actress was addicted to Bieber, Ambien — a sedative for short-term insomnia — and alcohol.

(Photo: via deleted Instagram, Bieber and Gomez are back together.)

In addition to reuniting with Gomez, it’s been a tumultuous few weeks for Bieber.

The “Believe” singer came under fire after the exploitative release of two videos showing him using the N-word when he was 14 and 15. He has since apologized twice.

Although Bieber is awaiting news of a certain vandalism charge for his alleged role in egging his ex-neighbor’s California home in January, in other legal matters he is lightening his load.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles District attorney and City Attorney’s office rejected filing a misdemeanor or felony charge against Bieber over an alleged cellphone robbery allegation. As it turns out, nine witnesses interviewed by the LAPD said the accuser made up the claim, according to reports.

Bieber also avoided jail and probation in his Miami DUI case, although plea deals are routine for first time offenders in non-fatal DUIs.

The singer’s legal team are reportedly finalizing an agreement in which he will plead guilty to reckless driving, pay a fine and attend anger management classes.

As for Selena’s allegedly “noisy party.” She posted a black and white Instagram photo of her evening which showed guests around a white piano.

Gomez captioned it: “Tacos, live music and candles ?? such a beautiful night with beautiful people.”

Hours after hysterical gossip reports on the police call out, the starlet posted an Instagram video of her soiree showing a calm setting.

The deadpan caption simply read: “Yup.”

From other clips of Selena’s get-together, it’s difficult to imagine what “ear-crushing” noise neighbors could have heard — unless things took a dramatic left turn later on.

Glee star Amber Riley can be seen performing at the piano in the second video.

(Video via Gomez Instagram.)

What do you think readers: are reports of Selena’s “noisy” party exaggerated as mutual pal Alfredo Flores suggests?

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