Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Dating? Rob Spotted Making Out With Katy?

Are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry dating?

According to sources, Katy joined Rob at the after party for his new film, The Rover. The pair, who have been friends for quite some time, were spotted making out. Radar Online reports Rob didn’t even go to the movie screening. He chose to head over to the W Hotel where Perry was already partying.

A source explained:

“Rob was his usual charming self, greeting a solid wall of fans on the red carpet. When Rob saw Katy his eyes lit up. She looked gorgeous in a lace sequin black mini-dress, and they hugged and kissed.”

Robert Pattinson didn’t leave Katy Perry’s sight all night. The two were spotted hugging, kissing, and talking despite all of the people around them. Sources say that they tried to fly under the radar — but almost everyone noticed their make-out sessions!

The source added:

“At least 10 hotties were hovering around Rob, but his focus was on Katy. He kept kissing her the entire night.”

Dating rumors have surrounded Rob and Katy in the past, but since Katy Perry was really good friends with Kristen Stewart (Rob’s off-again girlfriend), people just sort of blew them off. No one really thought that Rob and Katy would hook up, but apparently they have turned their friendship into something more.

According to Page Six, Pattinson has been dialing up the flirt with Perry over the past few weeks. At one point, Rob was overheard saying how “hot” he thought Katy was:

“They were heavily flirting. At one point, Robert sauntered to the bar with a pal and was heard saying, ‘She’s so [bleeping] hot,’ nodding in Katy’s direction.”

It is unclear if Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry left together or if they continued their little love romp elsewhere, but it sounds like the two have taken their friendship to the next level. They make an interesting couple to say the least — and one can’t help but wonder how Kristen Stewart feels about their new romance.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rob has been living in Kristen Stewart’s LA home while she’s away. He doesn’t have his own place in Cali, so he’s keeping Kristen’s dogs company (one dog, Bear, is actually their dog), and getting a roof over his head in the process. If Stewart was really ticked off about Rob and Katy’s relationship, she probably wouldn’t let her ex-boyfriend stay in her house, right?

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