Liam Payne Is A Little Irritated With Some Of His Fans

Liam Payne adores his fans, but he doesn’t like it when they start lurking suspiciously outside his house.

Like most people on the planet, pop stars like their privacy. Since they spend so much time in the public eye, retreating to the cozy confines of their humble abodes is particularly important to them. When fans start to encroach on their personal space, they have a tendency to lash out. Of course, some are friendlier than others.

For instance, One Direction singer Liam Payne recently spied some of his admirers hanging around outside his home. Instead of pelting these folks with eggs or introducing them to the business end of a garden hose, Payne addressed the situation on Twitter.

Here’s what the singer had to say:

While some websites believed that Liam was extremely angry with fans for staring blankly at his front door, Payne attempted to clear the air with a follow-up tweet. In short: he’s not mad at his more obsessive followers. He just wants them to go away.

Obviously, the guy enjoys his down time.

This isn’t the first time Liam Payne has asked his fans to take a breather. During One Direction’s jaunt through South America, the singer had a difficult time getting a little shut-eye due to the incredible number of people hanging around outside his hotel. When the din became overwhelming, the singer told everyone to shut up, Twitter-style.

The poor guy also had to address his followers when several people kept trying to figure out his Instagram password.

Today’s lesson is brutally simple: Stop irritating Liam Payne! The guy is trying to make his countless fans endlessly happy with tours, music, and social media posts. It’s never a good idea to pester the person who provides you with entertainment.

[Image via Pictures of One Direction]

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