Zayn Malik’s Topless Selfie Makes The Internet Swoon

Zayn Malik fans had plenty of reasons to stare at their computer screens last weekend.

Say what you will about One Direction’s music, but the guys have certainly mastered the power of social media. Although this can sometimes work against the fellas — the less said about the recent marijuana drama, the better — Malik and crew seem to understand that all it takes is a selfie to make the world a better place for their fans.

Case in point: Zayn Malik’s topless selfie. The singer’s recent addition to Instagram found him lounging in front of the camera without a shirt to cover his countless tattoos. As the Daily Mail points out, it didn’t take long for the guy’s legion of salivating supporters to start swooning over the photo.

Check out Malik’s selfie below.

Are you the sort who prefers the brooding selfies over the the sexier offerings? If so, then this is probably more your speed.

Fortunately for Malik, it would appear that he’s emerged unscathed from this month’s weed-related controversy. Judging from the comments that have popped up on Twitter as of late, people have seemingly forgotten all about his misguided decision to capture those extracurricular activities on video.

According to Hollywood Life, Malik is extremely happy that his fans stuck by him through the drama that unfolded when footage of him getting lifted surfaced online. While some people seemed to think it signaled the end of One Direction, apparently the ground is a bit stronger than some folks realize.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us from the X factor until now. You’re the best fans in the world,” the singer said during the band’s Wembley Stadium show on June 6.

Are you a fan of Zayn Malik? How many hours have you spent staring at the singer’s topless selfie? Don’t worry — we won’t tell anyone.

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