Did Justin Bieber Actually Get Two Women Pregnant Then Pay Them Off, Gomez Too?

Justin Bieber’s rep didn’t even bother to respond to In Touch Weekly’s latest claim alleging the singer has secretly impregnated two unidentified women since 2010, and paid them off like some pop prince Borgia.

Justin Bieber is something of a Mary Poppins bag for tabloids. That continues.

In Touch Weekly magazine — which still stands by its denied and widely derided claim that Bieber made his then and now girlfriend Selena Gomez pregnant in 2012 when he was 17, before she allegedly miscarried their baby – returns with yet another titillating story for bored housewives.

This time, the tabloid is claiming Justin secretly impregnated two women dating back to 2010 when he would have been between 15 and 16.

Of these alleged women, an alleged, unidentified source tells In Touch:

“Team Bieber rushed to cover up the pregnancies to protect the star and his image.”

The magazine cleverly alludes to Bieber’s much in the news, N-word videos which were shot some time between 2009-2010, as examples of other suppressed items.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” the alleged source laments.

“It’s horrible,” the purported source mutters darkly, while another alleged insider claims these two alleged Bieber pregnancies were “dealt with” after it was “investigated.”

This other alleged source goes on to imply Team Bieber regularly bought off females made pregnant by a teenage pop star with seemingly Herculean balls.

We’re told that if the claims had “merit,” these alleged women were paid off and “taken care of financially” but kept away from Justin.

“They don’t ask him when there’s a problem,” the alleged insider may have continued. “They take care of it.”

Justin Bieber Slammed In Tabloid Report

(Photo: Justin Bieber allegedly seeding the world with “Baby, baby, baby.”)

Of Gomez’s alleged pregnancy in 2012, which In Touch claimed ended in miscarriage when she “lost the baby… barely two months along” – the magazine previously said Bieber wanted the actress-singer to have an abortion.

At the time, Selena’s rep publicly slammed the story as “not true” and it was condemned by a few media outlets. Notably Gossip Cop, who called it “a completely false, disgusting new cover story.”

It’s not the first time pregnancy allegations have been made against Bieber.

Back in October 2011, Mariah Yeater filed a paternity claim accusing Justin of impregnating her during a 30 second backstage bathroom fumble after his October 25, 2010 concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

In her lawsuit, Yeater demanded maintenance from Bieber for her four-month-old baby son and confidential paternity testing.

Yeater was discredited after she subsequently withdrew her paternity suit in November 2011 when Bieber said he would submit to a DNA test and threatened to counter-sue.

In May 2013, Star Magazine claimed a 25-year-old woman was impregnated with Bieber’s child after meeting him at a T.G.I. Friday’s in Miami after his February 4, 2010 show.

The woman claimed she and the then 15-year-old singer went back to his hotel and had sex, resulting in the birth of the Canadian’s alleged daughter nine months later in October 2010.

At the time Bieber’s rep called the paternity claim “completely untrue,” while a source close to the singer said: “It’s just sad that anyone would bother with this bull***t.”

So, readers: are you swallowing this alleged two secret pregnancies Bieber story, or are you skeptical of hearsay-based tabloid dross?