Millionaire Teenager Calls Kim Kardashian A Peasant, Ridicules Poor People

18-year-old Param Sharma is not your average 18-year-old teen. Born to Indian parents originally from New Delhi, Param is super rich – and has no qualms in flaunting his prosperity in the douchiest manner possible. More famous by his Instagram handle “itslavishbitch“, Param lives in San Francisco.

His favorite past time? Posting pictures of his multi million dollar penthouse, expensive purchases and a collection of exotic cars to his Instagram account and most importantly, ridiculing all his followers for being simply too poor. For Param, commoners like you and me are ‘peasants, serfs and bitches’ reports ScoopWhoop. His account is filled with pictures of his purchases, cash, cars and expensive stuff with a ridiculing tagline to go with them all.

His attitude has earned him the title of Instagram’s biggest jerk. People also call him Instagram’s most hated teenager. And why not?

Here are some gems from him.

This is where he lives..

Expensive mineral water…

Which he flushed down the drain…

Electronic playing cards!.. or iPhones

Ridiculing his peasant followers…

Life’s problems

Ridiculing Kim Kardashian and family for being simply too poor…

Itslavishbitch has also claimed to have given away money to many of his followers. In one picture he is seen attaching a few thousand dollars on to helium balloons and sending them up in the air.

Many people however claim that Param is simply faking it all and is nothing but a high quality troll. Anyway, his pictures have earned him over 300,000 followers on Instagram and he even has a music video of his own in which he does the same thing – ridiculing the “peasants”.

What do you think about this guy? Is he for real?

[Image via Instagram]

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