‘Once Upon A Time’ Casting Rumors: Will Anna Faith Carlson Be Cast As Elsa From ‘Frozen’?

Once Upon A Time recently wrapped up their epic third season, and fans have had casting questions ever since. The show introduced Elsa from Disney’s Frozen at the end of the finale, but producers admitted that they hadn’t even selected an actress to play the part yet. This is why the face of the stand-in wasn’t shown when Elsa made her first official appearance in Storybrooke.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an 18-year-old girl from Daytona Beach, Florida, has been called the “real-life” Elsa and could be up for the role — if she has the acting chops, that is. Anna says that no one from ABC has contacted her yet, but she recently chatted with Hollywood Life about her potential — and her interest.

“I never thought I’d get so much support. If I got an audition, I could show them two sides of Elsa. On ‘Once Upon A Time’ she was a bit of a villain, but I could show her other side — that she’s trying to protect everyone. I have a couple skits I could show them — and I could sing, too!”

If Once Upon A Time doesn’t cast Anna Faith Carlson as their real-life Elsa, that won’t stop the teen from getting out there and making people smile. She completely embraces her looks and dresses up as Queen Elsa from time to time. Anna even says that people love getting a chance to meet her because not everyone can go to Disney World:

“A lot of parents actually cry when they see me, because sometimes they can’t go to Disney World because something’s holding them back, like money, and so this is how their child meets a character they love so much.”

Anna Faith Carlson updates her public Facebook page regularly, adding plenty of photos, and gaining fans daily. Naturally she hopes that someone from ABC is going to see her and give her a chance to audition — but casting for the part of Elsa has a lot more to do with looks. ABC has done a fine job taking on some big names and people expect that a well-known actress will play Elsa on the hit series. However, that doesn’t mean that Anna wouldn’t have a shot.

Anna said:

“This is my dream and it’s hard to comprehend that any of it is happening.”

Who do you think would make a good “real-life” Elsa on Once Upon A Time?

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]

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