Mark Ballas Car Accident: ‘DWTS’ Pro Reassures Fans He’s Fine After Crash

A Mark Ballas car accident that took place Monday left many Dancing With the Stars fans feeling anxious. Luckily, it seems the dancing pro and musician will be fine, but he did have to head to the hospital after the incident.

TMZ shares that Ballas’ accident happened Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. He was driving and about to make a right turn when a vehicle allegedly was speeding when it rammed into the right-hand back side of Mark’s vehicle. Though several guys from the other car involved apparently jumped out and started pointing blame at the DWTS star, it seems a witness on the scene told authorities that the second car had been speeding, thus indicating that the accident wasn’t Mark’s fault.

Right after the accident Ballas complained of back pain and whiplash, so his girlfriend BC Jean took him to the hospital. He was checked out by doctors and sent home to recuperate. Fans who were worried he might be laid up for a while can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to a tweet posted by the musician and Dancing With the Stars pro on Tuesday. It sounds like he’s not about to let this sideline him for long.

Mark Ballas tweeted, “Know y’all heard about the accident, thanks for all of the love and concern. I’m doin ok. No events will be affected.” Ballas is a long-time pro with the dancing show, and he recently wrapped up an impressive season with Candace Cameron Bure as his partner. In fact, Mark dealt with some injuries during his time on season 18 with Candace, but he never let it affect their performances. Us Weekly shares that Mark and Candace even touched base after Mark Ballas’ car accident. She tweeted that she had talked with him briefly Monday night, and she was very glad he was doing all right.

DWTS fans will remember that Mark debuted his single “Get My Name” this past season of the show, and fans seem to be thrilled to see his music career flourishing. There are always fans wondering if he will continue to hit the dance floor each season on ABC, but so far he seems willing to both sing and dance. The next season of Dancing With the Stars will debut in September, and rumors about who is participating will start surfacing over the summer. Luckily it seems Mark Ballas’ car accident did not cause any significant injuries for the star, so he won’t be laid up for too long. Fans will have to stay tuned for updates as he recovers.

[Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin]