Olivia Wilde Says Jonas Brothers Put a “Sex Hex” on Her House

Of all the evil, terrifying and life-ending horrors that could befall a new homeowner or renter, the curse of sexlessness is probably pretty high up there.

According to Olivia Wilde, however, a no-boning hex has been placed upon her home. By the Jonas Brothers, no less! The sexy 27-year-old geek queen spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the Jonas-induced dry spell she blames on the home she now inhabits- which was once the stomping grounds of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.

The no-sex hex, claims Wilde, is squarely the fault of the purity ring wearing trio. She told Jimmy Kimmel:

“We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action in our house … it’s the ‘No sex hex’, Jimmy! Can’t do anything about it.'”

Wilde says the boys left behind a set of life-size cardboard Jonas cutouts, and they’re the only men in her bedroom of late:

“Sometimes I wake up, and my roommate has placed one standing over me.”

Dick move, Olivia Wilde’s roommate. Check out the clip below, in which Wilde complains about being cockblocked (sorry- boxlocked!) by the Brothers Jonas:

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