What This Assistant Principal Does To Break Up A School Fight Will Blow Your Mind

In a video that originally surfaced in 2012, an Albany, Georgia based Assistant Principal can be seen forcefully yanking a 13-year-old girl to ground in an attempt to break a fight between her and another student.

This clip of former Monroe High School Assistant Principal Joey James breaking up the fight has been bringing out two different emotions in people that view the incident with some expressing anger, and others feeling that the principal was justified.

As mentioned in a previous Inquisitr article, Georgia based Albany Uncovered offered this assessment of the incident in question:

“The video is only about 13 seconds long but at the end we can clearly see Assistant Principal Joey James come up behind one of the females, grab her by the shoulders of her shirt and instantly throw her to the ground several feet behind where she was standing. The student went flying through the air and is fortunate she did not hit her head on the hard floor, which could have resulted in a concussion or much worse.

“… Parents are up in arms about this flagrant abuse of power in the school setting… This act of throwing a student to the ground is certainly not approved under Georgia statutes and is inappropriate buy any standard..”

According to website My Southwest GA, Assistant Principal James actually had his teaching certifications revoked shortly after the video surfaced in relation to a separate incident as two misdemeanor sexual battery charges were filed against him by a paraprofessional when he was at another school.

James was terminated after that ruling by the Dougherty County School System as they deemed that his certifications were out of date in light of them being revoked and not renewed by the Professional Standards Committee.

According to Fox31, Interim Superintendent of the Dougherty County School System, Dr. David Mosley, stated that James had been, “A long time problem for the school system,” and that he “needs to go.”

As the video is gaining traction over two years later, many online viewers have mixed reactions to the way the former Assistant Principal handled the situation.

One Facebook user writes, “if you are old enough to fight like that in school, you deserve what the teacher did.”

Another feels differently, saying “this is so bizarre and uncalled for. This principal should be ashamed of himself.”

How do you feel about this Assistant Principal throwing this girl backwards to break up a fight? Do you feel he was justified? Or did the School Board make the correct decision in firing him?

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