Chief Keef: Will Violent Lifestyle Derail Rapper’s Career?

Chief Keef has been having a bad week, getting evicted from his Chicago home after neighbors complained of gunshots and constant car traffic and then having his Chicago concert canceled amid threats of violence.

The rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, had a concert planned in Cicero, Illinois, last week, but the promoter had to cancel it after threats to the rapper.

“We have indications from intelligence sources that there were going to be problems and there have been many problems at his concerts in other places,” said Cicero Police Superintendent Bernard Harrison. “I spoke to the director of the theater myself and asked if he could cancel the concert. He complied with my request.”

Promoters tried to move the concert to a new venue in the city of Harvey, but authorities put a stop to it.

The canceled concert came amid reports that Chief Keef and his entourage are the target of violent threats.

“I have no idea what led to the change, they decided not to go with our space,” said Enrique Medrano, a manager at The Olympic Theater, where the concert was originally scheduled. “I just refunded the money for the concert.”

Chief Keef is known for his violent lyrics, but the words belie a violent background. The rapper’s cousin, fellow Chicago rapper Big Glo, was shot and killed after assailants fired more than 24 shots, striking him as many as 10 times.

Chief Keef was also at the home of his manager in March when a 33-year-old man was shot and seriously wounded. Cozart drove the man to the hospital.

The violent lifestyle has already impacted Cozart’s lifestyle. He has several arrests — including a gun conviction and other, non-violent arrests — and last week was evicted from the mansion he rents in Highland Park.

Those close to Chief Keef have expressed concern for years, largely due to his irresponsibility. Back in 2012, rapper 50 Cent hinted that Interscope Records was thinking about dropping Keef after he showed a lack of commitment, even missing out on a scheduled video shoot.

But others have defended Keef. Anne Kiplinger of Chicago Now noted that for all his troubles, Chief Keef is still just 18.

She wrote:

“Likewise, Chief Keef followed a path not dissimilar to many others from his beleaguered area of the city: high school dropout, teen dad, lengthy arrest record. Yet he did distinguish himself and by some measures of success (money? fame?) has done pretty well, no matter what his age.”

But for all his troubles, Chief Keef doesn’t seem too worried for his future. Shortly after being evicted from his mansion, he posted a note on Instagram that read: “Looking For Houses”

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