Obsessive Hoarder Crushed To Death After Floor Collapses From Weight Of Junk

An obsessive hoarder from Cheshire, Connecticut was killed after the floors in her home collapsed into her basement due to the weight of junk she kept in the house.

66-year-old Beverly Mitchell, who lived alone at 22 Winslow Road, was found dead on Saturday following a day long search of her residence.

Police had responded to a call for a welfare check on Mitchell after a postal worker reported that mail had piled up at her house for more than a week and a half.

Authorities have so far determined that Mitchell was killed as a result of a structural collapse of the first floor into the basement:

“The floor gave way and collapsed into the basement. The contents of that room caved in on top of her,” said Sgt. Kevin O’Donnell who attended the scene.

Sgt. O’Donnell spoke about the challenges faces by officers who needed to search the premises:

“We did a well being and we determined it wasn’t safe to continue searching and asked for assistance when we saw the first floor collapsed. We contacted Connecticut Homeland, who brought special equipment for search and rescue,” he said.

As the search was complex, the fire department was called in with its specialist equipment. They were assisted by cadaver dogs, the Connecticut Urban Search and Rescue Unit, and Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security,

The search teams were able to gain entry into the home only by cutting into the side of the property as police were faced with huge piles of debris in front of it.

Sgt. O’Donnell said about the victim: “She was a hoarder. This was an accidental death caused by disrepair,” confirming that for years authorities have been trying to assist Mitchell: “She was a recluse. We weren’t sure she was in the building. She has a history of leaving and not telling anyone,” he said.

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