Son Films His Dad’s Negative Reactions Every Time He Gets A New Tattoo [Video]

Not everyone is a fan of body art, including this dad, who can’t seem to contain his disappointment every time his son got a new tattoo. Thankfully, his ink-loving son had the idea of filming his dad’s hilariously negative reactions to his new tattoos.

The adorable video got recognition on Reddit, where it stands at 3000 upvotes as of 10 hours after posting. Redditor kittencollector, presumably a friend of the tattooed son, posted the video on Reddit with the post title “My friend films his dad’s reaction every time he got a new tattoo.”

And now, after watching the dad’s adorable disappointed reactions to his son’s tattoos, netizens are clamoring for the actual photos of the son’s inks. Many are taking guesses. Some think they are horrible tattoos of My Little Pony characters while others predict they are gangster signs. For now, we can all just imagine what the tattoos look like until our tattooed hero, named Joshua according to the vid, shows them to the internet himself.

Netizens love the interaction between the tattoo-loathing father and his ink-enthusiast son. Most are enjoying how unimpressed the dad was with his son’s tats.

Redditor HighSpeed556 wrote:

“It’s like the poor man is just full of disappointment with his son. Yet…his sonnys proud to have disappointed his father so much.”

Reddito hachijuhachi shared his perspective, which might be quite related to Joshua’s story.

“My mom had a similar reaction when she spotted my first tattoo (I thought I’d be able to keep it a secret forever I guess). She had always said that she thought tattoos – no matter what the image – were just plain ugly. She was actually a little stunned, and she kept asking to see it again and again the first couple days. I’ve since gotten a couple others, and while she’s not thrilled about them, she realizes that it’s something I like, and I’m not a degenerate, and she’s come around some. I doubt she’ll ever encourage me to get another, but if you asked her about them now, she’d be a little slower to say she hates the whole idea. That, or she’s just being nice to me now.”

Regardless of what netizens opined about tattoos in general, the dad’s cute reactions to his son’s ink definitely won over the internet today. On YouTube, it has already garnered 53,500 views within a few hours of posting.

Got ink? Do you have any tattoo stories you could share? How did your parents/loved ones react? Share your stories on the comment section below.

[Image is screenshot of YouTube video]

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