Fan Kisses Reporter: Soccer Fan Gives Kiss During Live TV Broadcast

A fan kisses a reporter during a live television broadcast and the clip is making news around the world. According to FOX Sports, one really excited soccer fan jumped in front of a news camera and kissed a female reporter on the cheek. It all happened during a 2014 FIFA World Cup report in Brazil on Thursday.

Sabina Simonato was on a street in Sao Paulo before the Croatia vs. Brazil game when the Croatia fan ran right up to her and put his arm around her. Within one swift second, the man kissed the reporter on the cheek and then was gone in a flash. Simonato didn’t miss a beat in her newscast, and was able to work the incident in flawlessly — talk about good reporting!

If a fan kisses a reporter, chances are things could get a little out of hand, especially if the kiss is something more serious than a peck on the cheek. The fan in this case was fairly respectful, however, and was in and out of the camera frame in just seconds. Simonato laughed off the incident and kept right on reporting about the upcoming game. Naturally you won’t be able to understand very much about what she was talking about (unless you are fluent in Portuguese), but the video is totally worth the watch either way.

The man who kissed Simonato likely wouldn’t have done so after the game. Croatia was beaten by Brazil 3-1.

This isn’t the first time that something like this has happened, either. As The Christian Post points out, American newscaster Guy Junker was in a similar situation last year. Junker was covering the Pirates vs. Cardinals game when a fan jumped in next to him. The moment she was in focus she puckered up but couldn’t reach Junker’s face — and then she was gone. Junker turned and smiled in her direction, and that was that.

Perhaps fans kissing reporters will become a new thing and people will try to do it at every opportunity they have. It’s harmless really, but some people could take it too far and it could become dangerous. So far, however, the instances in which fans try to sneak in on a news report have been nothing but fun.

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