Lil Wayne No Longer Wants To Kill Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun [Video]

Lil Wayne likely won’t be best buddies with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun any time soon after the Young Money rapper made a public death threat against the music maven, but the two have reportedly settled their differences and agreed to put the recent nastiness down to a “misunderstanding.”

On the money or spin? Who knows?

These days Team Bieber has much bigger worries than a slightly comical – albeit previously seriously intended – hex from Lil Wayne.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is taking several short steps back from his big, bad warning to Braun and apparently now believes Lil Twist — the rapper Lil Wayne was defending — might have exaggerated some of the details in his accusation about Braun.

Lil Twist claimed Braun wanted him out Bieber’s former Calabasas, California, mansion and painted him as a “bad influence” in the media to blame him for Justin’s behavior.

(Photo: Lil Twist and Justin Bieber, friends from back in the day.)

Confused? Here’s a recap:

Bieber and Lil Twist — real name Christopher Lynne Moore — used to hang together, along with Twist’s brother Xavier “Lil Za” Smith who is still seen with Bieber.

Previously, Lil Twist and Za borrowed Bieber’s cars, possibly money and house-sat Justin’s Calabasas pad while the singer toured.

After accusations from Bieber’s then Calabasas neighbors about allegedly raucous parties held by Twist and Za and claims of speeding and disputes, reports of Braun’s concern over the brothers presence in Justin’s life began appearing in the press.

Last September, Radar claimed Braun wanted Lil Twist and Lil Za out of Bieber’s Calabasas home after a long house sitting period. The website added that Braun thought the pair were a “bad influence” on Justin and had arranged alternative accommodation for them.

Shortly after Radar’s report, TMZ claimed Bieber had finally evicted Lil Za and Lil Twist after jewelry allegedly went missing on the duo’s “watch.”

The website added it was unknown exactly what was taken, or by whom, and Justin “didn’t necessarily” think his pals had taken the goods.

Two hours after TMZ went to press (Sept. 24, 2013), Bieber posted an Instagram of a black screen with a caption that read: “Don’t listen to em I still got all my jewelry.”

However, TMZ insisted the theft happened and stated on their website that Bieber was “lying to cover for his ‘friends.'”

(Photo: Instagram, Lil Za, Bieber and Lil Twist.)

Twist was previously accused of introducing Justin to drugs and has been involved in traffic violations or accidents while driving Bieber’s cars.

Last August, Lil Twist was accused of battery by a woman at a party held at Justin’s house while the singer was touring. Twist denied the claims through his rep and it was subsequently dropped.

It’s said Braun demanded that Bieber end his friendship with Lil Twist after the battery claim arose. Justin and Twist were no longer seen in public together from that point.

In November an enraged Twist launched a Twitter attack on Braun accusing him of trying to keep Bieber “squeaky clean” while he took the heat in the media for Justin’s missteps.

Twist tweeted, in part: “Side stay squeaky clean… And I took that… But with that being said.. F**k u Scooter and everything u stand for.. And all yo fake stories (sic).”

Fast forward to Lil Wayne’s verbal attack on Braun in a video filmed in Cannes, France on May 25, where Bieber had just come to the end of largely image-enhancing trip to Cannes.

“I heard this b*tch*ss n—a Scooter talkin’ sh– about my little brother,” Lil Wayne said to the camera, while keeping his arm around Twist.

“N—a this my motherf—in’ brother, anything you got to say, when you see me say it to my motherf—in’ face,” Lil Wayne continued.

“And if you do happen to say it to my motherf—in’ face,” he added, “I ain’t gonna make you eat them words n—a, I’ma put them b*tches on your tombstone.”

Now, all of that is apparently bygones and Lil Wayne reportedly thinks Twist went overboard in his accusation against Scooter.

A few days after Wayne’s threat, Bieber made it clear he wasn’t taking sides in the dispute when he was asked about it by paparazzi outside a restaurant/bar in West Hollywood. [See video below.]

Thoughts on Lil Wayne making nice with Braun?

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