Korean Students Dance Video K-Pop Remixes Justin Timberlake And Many More, Can Americans Match This Talent?

I just watched an amazingly awesome choreographed dance video with these Korean teenagers from an art school called Hanlim Multi Art School. Although the numbers of views are relatively small at the moment, I could see this one becoming viral.

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So from what I know about dancing the choreography was amazing, and included break dancing, ballet, bebop, freestyle, interpretive dance, and many more. You can tell it took a lot of hard work and dedication from their part. A lot of different songs were remixed and featured in their choreography.

It was recorded at many different locations but at the same time it was all in the same area. It starts off them walking and doing backwards moves, then jumps right into the dancing moves and breaks out from dance scene to dance scene into the parking lot up on the roof at the side of the building inside the dance studio. They put it together with all of them dressed in shirts and ties. Not surprisingly, the song “Suit And Tie” by Justin Timberlake is featured in the clip.

And then comes a two-minute credit sequence that shows of everybody involved and everybody dancing around just showing off their stuff. The video showing the Korean students dance is about eight minutes long and it was definitely worth watching the whole way through since they are keeping it old school while introducing something new school and fresh.

And if this keeps up the Koreans are gonna beat the Americans in dancing… although I’m sure K-pop fans already think this has taken place! So whoever is a dancer and is reading this you all better step up the dance game cause it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep the championship belt of dancing.

So why don’t you check it out yourself and let me know what you think of the Korean students dance number?

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