Marvin Harrison Narrowly Avoids Bullets After Helping Half-Naked Burgled Man

Marvin Harrison was minding his own business on Saturday morning when an otherwise relaxed day out turned into something much worse.

The former NFL legend was driving his Ford Pickup through Wynnefield Heights at about 3:20 am while on his way home when a man flagged him down and asked for assistance.

The man, who lived on Ford Road, said a burglary was in progress at his apartment and, dressed in only boxer shorts, the man ran away from his home to avoid the two intruders who had just broken in.

Marvin Harrison wasn’t about to see the half-naked guy stranded there in the middle of the street as his place was getting robbed, and invited him to jump aboard the truck so he could get to safety.

Naturally the poor man asked Harrison to contact 911 on his cell phone, which he did. With that, the two burglars darted out of the apartment and one of them pulled a gun and shot twice in the direction of the pickup, hitting it.

Fortunately, neither Harrison nor his new friend in boxer shorts were injured, but according to the police, the outcome of that shooting could have been a lot worse.

In fact, one of the two bullets hit Harrison’s tires which went flat some time later. The two burglars took off in a dark sedan and were being sought by the police.

The Daily News reported that one of the men was thin, around 5-foot-5, of African-American origin, and wore gloves, dark clothing, and a mask. The other man was a little taller, at 6-foot-1, and also wore dark clothing and a mask.

Police are still investigating the incident and Marvin Harrison agreed to hand over his truck to Southwest detectives so forensics can go to work in their efforts to find the men.

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