Big Brother 16 Rumor: CBS Planning On Bringing Back Veterans

Big Brother 16 rumors are flying with just a few days until the 2014 edition of the reality competition debuts, with reports indicating that CBS is planning to bring back a handful of veteran players.

The rumors have centered on a number of popular Big Brother players, including the Big Brother 14 champion, Ian Terry. CBS has been tight lipped about casting decisions, as always, but has been known in the past to concoct reasons to bring back some fan-favorites.

Some of the Big Brother 16 rumors are coming directly from former players, Big Brother Access notes. The report noted that Ian recently tweeted that he was traveling to Houston, but after he posted a fake image some of his followers called him out on it. The tweet was later deleted.

Fan favorite Janelle Pierzina also tweeted that she “heard Eric Stein [BB8] is coming back.” Fans would likely love to see Janelle return for her fourth chance at winning, but she is very pregnant and 100 percent out of contention to return.

There are some other clues as to the Big Brother 16 cast, Big Brother Access noted:

Various other former Houseguests, like GinaMarie Zimmerman and Matt Hoffman, have been posting mysterious tweets and teases as well, although we’d say it is very likely pretty much all of them are just messing with our heads. Anyone who actually IS involved in the Big Brother 16 cast would be forbidden to say anything at all about it under threat of legal action and worse — never getting to be a reality TV star on CBS again. Because, you know, they do so love to recycle their contestants.

Insider Missyae, who operates the Twitter handle @TheGameSurvivor, also noted that CBS appears to be putting some veteran players in sequester, meaning fans will probably get to vote on who will get to play the game.

Missyae didn’t have specifics, but said it would not be Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, or Rachel Reilly. Big Brother Access also noted that Missyae has swung and missed on some rumors before.

Fans may have even more influence on BB16. A user on JokerUpdates found a link on the CBS website indicating that live feed subscribers will get to vote on is which house guest has to do laundry for the day.

Past Big Brother 16 rumors had indicated that CBS might be looking for some family pairs to return, which at the time was taken to mean Rachel and her sister Elissa, as well as Dick and Danielle Donato. The premiere of BB16 will air on Wednesday, June 26.

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