Woman Runs Over Dad In Drink-Drive Death: Father Begs Daughter Not To Drive Drunk, But She Drives Over Him

A woman runs over her dad on the family’s driveway after he begs her not to drive. She ignores his pleas, hops in the driver’s seat, backs her BMW out of the garage, and strikes him. Police in Riverside, California confirm this story in a report published by Sky News.

The incident happened Friday night about 6:20 pm.

Witnesses say 37-year-old Soukvilay Barton was drunk when she was arguing with relatives at their home. The witnesses recall her as being upset and ready to get in the car. Her father, Bounmy Rajsombath, 69, desperately tried stopping his daughter, but she went against her better judgment. NBC Los Angeles says in its report that Rajsombath stood behind his daughter’s car after she got inside it, but she put the car in reverse, running over her father with the car. Realizing what she’d done, she stopped the car and sat sobbing beside him before police arrived on the scene to arrest her. Her dad was rushed to Riverside Community Hospital, but was pronounced dead.

Barton is detained on suspicion of driving under the influence while causing bodily injury and gross vehicle manslaughter. The woman who ran over her father is also held on $75,000 bail.

Family members say Rajsombath was a former Laotian military officer who helped US forces fight in the Vietnam War.

A man who would only identify himself as Rajsombath’s son-in-law says:

“He was a person that everybody loved. He was a very respected man in the Laos community. I am very sad. I’m sick.”

The Press Enterprise reports further in-depth about what Rajsombath’s son-in-law had to say after Barton ran over her dad, killing him:

“He had to swim across the Mekong River to get to Thailand because the communists had come to kill him. They were killing all the Laos military that helped the United States.”

Bounmy Rajsombath was well-respected and his death has shocked his neighborhood. This atrocity occurs two days before Father’s Day and someone many admired is gone suddenly.

Several instances of drunk driving deaths have made news on The Inquisitr; like one about a driver who avoids hitting a goat, but he hit three instead. Another article has to do with some of the unbelievable excuses drivers have made about not getting out of their car while under the influence. For instance, the story in which a woman dialed 911 to say she’s too drunk to get out of her car.

While they sound comical, there’s nothing funny about drunk driving. The woman who ran over her father in California learned this the hard way.

[Image via Brian Rokos/Press Enterprise]

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