Kaley Cuoco Planning The Fashion Evolution Of Big Bang Theory’s Penny

Kaley Cuoco is not hiding her new pixie cut from her bosses at The Big Bang Theory. Of course, shielding her new look from the eyes of producers would be hard – given that Kaley has been strutting her fashionable short hair all over Instagram and at media events.

Now, she’s fessing up to TV Line that the folks at Theory had a sneak peek at her rapidly shrinking locks before last season’s wrap party. Their reaction? “The producers loved it,” she said. That was for the first cut, however – not the full-on snip-fest she revealed to fans a couple of weeks ago, including on the pages of The Inquisitr.

So, will Cuoco’s character, the next door neighbor with the mysterious lack of a last name, Penny, debut a new look in the fall?

Cuoco says she hopes so.

T.V. blogger Matt Carter pointed out that style evolution is not a hallmark of Theory – unlike other shows, the fashions of the show’s main characters don’t change very much season to season. But if Kaley has her way, Penny may be a long-haired beauty no longer. TV Line quotes Cuoco as saying:

I’m hoping Penny will keep the haircut, that’s my goal. The finale wasn’t a ‘To Be Continued,’ so I don’t see any problem with it. People change, people get haircuts, so I think this is a realistic move for Penny. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, Kaley told People last week that the inspiration for the haircut was the look Michelle Williams sported in a recent Louis Vuitton campaign. She told the magazine:

I loved that haircut so much. I didn’t try to copy it, but I liked that look on [Williams].

And Kaley had nothing but high praise for her new hair, calling it more adept to satisfy her style moods than her long hair:

It’s funny, I actually feel like I can do this hair a thousand times more differently than I could do with my long hair. I feel like it can be edgy, it can be cute, 60s… kind of whatever I’m feeling.

If the powers that be at The Big Bang Theory can’t envision Penny with a pixie cut, they do have other options. As Kaley told a recent Hollywood Reporter round table, she’s been outfitted with stranger things than a wig or extensions on the show:

My character was in an awful movie called Serial Apist, so I had full monkey makeup head to toe.

If Cuoco’s on her bosses’ good side, they won’t be dressing her up in unattractive hair anytime soon.

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