Hands on with Phreadz

The video microblogging vertical is starting to get interesting. The well known and funded Seesmic now has competition from a one man show from the United Kingdom: Phreadz.

At the moment Phreadz is invite only, although you can register your interest on the front page. I was fortunate enough to get an invite directly from site founder Kosso, so in I went. The video above is a 5 minute walk through of Phreadz as I saw it.

There are obvious similarities to Seesmic, and yet the site and community has a different feel about it, although don’t ask me to qualify the statement, it’s just a feeling I got from spending time on the site. No matter where it lies, all competition is good competition and Phreadz is a worthy competitor in this space.

Side tip: Blip.tv encoding at full screen rocks over the competition. Click full screen for an example in the video above. It’s also an easier way of watching the screencast.

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