NFL free agency: the fast and furious edition

So what usually happens between the beginning of March or so until right around now is all going down this week. Thanks to the NFL lockout hat didn’t have us lose anything but time. A quote for Captain Jack Sparrow comes to mind, something about the loss of time and never being able to get it all back. SO we have come to free agency, the signing of draft picks and undrafted free agents, and all the rest all as NFL teams get ready to open Training Camps. Its been a weird and wild week already.

With that being said let us take a look at some of the more significant Free Agent signings:

•The Tennessee Titans signed QB Matt Hasselbeck to a 3 year 21 million dollar deal. Does anyone in Tennessee know exactly how old that guy is? The answer is 35. Not the age is always the most important factor. Hopefully this one works out for them or a whole bunch of folks are going to get fired.
•Sidney Rice signs a 5 year 41 million dollar deal with the Seattle Seahawks. Apparently Sidney understands just how bad things have gotten in Minnesota.
•Speaking of Minnesota, they traded a 2012 sixth round draft pick and a conditional 2013 sixth round pick to the Washington Redskins for QB Donovan McNabb. Of course they are trying to renegotiate his deal, so he can become Christian Ponder’s mentor.
•The Washington Redskins, with owner Daniel Snyder, are throwing a lot of money around as they have resigned Santana Moss, and added NT Barry Cofield, FS OJ Atogwe, and CB Josh Wilson. All in all about 75 million bucks in contracts was based out by this particular organization.

So far it has been about what w expected, but still with a few surprises thrown in. Kevin Kolb is still a Philadelphia Eagle….For Now.

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