No Led Zeppelin Tour Without Robert Plant, Says Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin fans looking for a grand reunion tour featuring Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham will have to be more patient.

Jimmy Page continues his war of words with Robert Plant and consistent dropping of hints at a reunion tour by stating that there will be no Led Zeppelin tour without their lead singer. In 2007, Led Zeppelin played a reunion show at the O2 Arena, which sent shock waves throughout the Led Zeppelin fan base regarding a full blown tour. However, as Jimmy Page recalls, “It was a very emotional concert for the people there. We took it very, very seriously, put lots of work into it – well, John Paul Jones and myself did with (drummer) Jason (Bonham).”

Page continues, “We all had reputations, and we had a collective reputation for Led Zeppelin… It was a wonderful show… and I’m really pleased that, finally, it managed to come out as a DVD, Celebration Day, ’cause then people could sort of witness how good it was.”

Still today, Led Zeppelin fans are rabid for a reunion tour, however Page insists that he will not do it without Robert Plant firmly on board. “You can’t really do it without Robert. So you can’t really do it…. If he wanted to do it… then he could do it. But he doesn’t choose to, so I can’t speak for him.”

Page flirted with the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour with a stand in for Robert Plant but dropped that notion in 2008.

Robert Plant did talk about the potential Led Zeppelin reunion by saying that Jimmy Page “go to sleep and have a good rest, and think again,” adding, “We have a great history together and like all brothers, we have these moments where we don’t speak on the same page, but that’s life.”

In the United Kingdom, Led Zeppelin early album reissues are falling in favor with music fans. Remastered versions of Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III hit the record stores last week, and all three albums find themselves in the Top 20 of the UK charts this week. Each album has been released in a myriad of physical and digital formats to reach the maximum potential of fans.

The Led Zeppelin fan base is a wide spread of ages spanning several generations. Led Zeppelin I hit number 7 on the UK charts where Led Zeppelin II hit 10 and Led Zeppelin III rose to 12.

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