New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Not In The Works

After a whole mess of unfounded rumors, Star Trek author Larry Nemecek (writer of more Trek-related material than one can count) confirms there is no Star Trek TV series in the works.

The baseless new Trek series rumor came, quite fittingly, from an anonymous source from a Google+ group called Starfleet Intelligence (via, following Nemecek’s appearance at Phoenix Comicon, which took place last weekend. The bogus article stated the following:

Nemecek revealed that Netflix has indeed approached CBS Broadcasting, Inc. on ‘hosting’ a Netflix exclusive new Star Trek -series. The streaming provider, we were told, followed-up with a formal proposal in which any new potential Trek series becoming a ‘Netflix Original’ with Netflix producing the series entirely.

A complete pipe dream to be sure, as Netflix is fast becoming a well-respected network of original shows, showing dedication to quality storytelling and character development. It’s easy to see that a fan would latch onto the idea of a Netflix-produced Star Trek series, even if it was only passively mentioned. Nemecek, not one to stand by as baseless rumors run amok, took to his blog to clear up the situation. According to Nemecek’s blog, he had indeed mentioned Netflix in relation to Star Trek, but that “talks” and “lucrative proposal[s]” mentioned by the Starfleet Intelligence are woefully out of context:

As we know by now, Netflix has changed the TV/media landscape yet again by becoming a platform of clout with original shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black—popular not only with fans, but critics…and now the award shows. It’s in Netflix’s interest to be casting about for new shows—including those from known franchises. I understand Star Trek is one of them—especially as Trek’s 737 hours of “reruns” performs as a top draw ON Netflix. As I understand it, there have been overtures. But none taken. So far.

So there you have it. As of this writing, Star Trek will continue to remain off the small screen for the foreseeable future.

But is this something that may soon come to fruition? Ever since J.J. Abrams’ exhilarating 2009 film reboot of the Trek franchise, fans have been clamoring for the TV series to make a comeback. Star Trek Into Darkness was released in 2013 to mixed responses. While the film was rather well-received by critics, it was panned by hardcore fans, who felt the films had become a shadow of what the TV series was, becoming more Hollywood spectacle than anything else. With a new film on the way, many are assuming it will continue in the direction Abrams has paved for the franchise. With this mind, fans hope that a return to TV could bring Trek back to its more cerebral roots.

How would you feel about Star Trek returning to TV, and if so, on which network would you prefer to see it air?

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