Ion Piano Apprentice Turns Your iPad or iPad 2 into a Music Teacher

iPad and iPad 2 tablets are a great way to stay connected with friends, play games, check your Facebook status, read magazines and carry on an endless list of other tasks and now Ion Piano Apprentice has added “learn piano” to the devices list of features.

Pictured above, the program is simple to use, just plug in the mini-sized piano keyboard with the accompanying application and award-winning piano instructor Scott Houston teaches you with video lessons how to play the piano.

If you don’t want to see Scott’s hands you can also choose the light-up keys option which works in the same way.

The cost of the device and included iPad app is $100 and it will land this fall.

According to Ion the device does more than just display lessons:

Other modes will teach aspiring pianists how to read sheet music or allow them to simply play the piano at any octave they choose. The portable keyboard itself is touch sensitive, responding to soft or hard playing accordingly for expressive music creation. PIANO APPRENTICE is lightweight, battery powered, and has built-in speakers for learning and playing anywhere. A headphone jack is included for quiet practice at anytime.

Are you willing to take piano lessons from your iPad?

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