Woman In Heels Slips On Ice Following LA Kings Win

A woman is making the rounds on the internet today after she stole the thunder following the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup victory Friday night (June 13).

While reporter Mario Solis of KNBC-TV 4 was reporting on the win for the Kings, viewers saw a woman, later identified as Hannah Hunsinger, eat the ice.

You see, Hunsinger was for some reason walking the ice while wearing high heels. I’m sure in hindsight, she realizes it maybe was not the best idea, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Anyway, you can see in the video above the absolutely devastating fall where her face meets the ice on live television.

Deadspin originally reported on the fall and later received a tweet from Hunsinger, who seemed to be taking all the attention in stride.

By the looks of things, it does not appear that she will be filing a lawsuit or anything.

That’s the exact opposite reaction of an Ohio woman previously reported on by The Inquisitr, who sued for $1 million following an unfortunate accident where she fell off a bar stool at a Syracuse, New York, hotel.

“Allison claims that she fell off a ‘defective’ bar stool at one of the bars in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on East Genesee Street in Syracuse.

The bar stool according to her was made of wood and was a high back model that caused her to land on her wrist, leading to multiple fractures. The lawsuit alleges that the bar stool on which she sat was way too high off the ground. It alleges that its design was built to co-ordinate with the height of the bar top and that the hotel management was at fault here because they were allegedly in know about the ‘problems’ these high back stool models pose. The woman was waiting for the food she had ordered from the hotel’s ‘Library Lounge bar on the fateful day, her lawsuit says. Antoinette’s lawyer Mark Ventrone in his July 2012 complaint adds, ‘Said bar stools were more dangerous than patrons would expect and safer designs are on the marketplace.'”

At this point, it’s highly doubtful that Hunsinger can claim the ice, or her high heels, were as highly defective as that bar stool in Syracuse.

[Image via Screenshot/YouTube]

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