Are WWE’s CM Punk, AJ Lee Now CMAJ Punk-Lee?

On Friday (the 13th), after months of speculation and histrionics, WWE superstars CM Punk and AJ Lee were reportedly wed in a hush-hush ceremony.

The wedding was first hinted at by a now-deleted tweet sent to the viral breeze by Courtney Santos, @CeeRawww, which claimed on Tuesday that she knew of CM Punk and AJ Lee’s marriage license being processed for a wedding on Friday.

That day, SEScoops reported that the couple were officially married. A couple since last fall, AJ Lee, the WWE’s top female superstar, was seen wearing an engagement ring on WWE’s RAW on March 31. During a Chicago Cubs game on May 17, Punk confirmed a June wedding, and Lee seemed to substantiate that by moving to Chicago, the city that Punk calls home.

On Saturday, Wrestle Zone reported that Lee and Punk were married either late Friday or early Saturday in “a small, private nuptial ceremony.”

Despite all of these assertions, some news outlets were quick to note how all of these rumors surround a professional wrestling couple, so prepare for all sorts of overstatement or outright PT Barnum-ing.

In its Rumors of the Day column, Cageside Seats included the alleged marriage of CM Punk and AJ Lee, stating:

“Considering there are no photos and no source other than SEScoops has gone on record with the news, it’s worth taking with a grain of salt. For those asking why we didn’t post about it here at Cageside, that’s why. We’re still considering it a rumor, hence its inclusion in this post.”

AJ, from Union City, New Jersey, was the Diva of the Year in 2012 and held the Divas championship belt until just recently for 295 days. She’s also been general manager of Raw.

CM is even more well-regarded in the WWE. Here’s his accolades: world heavyweight champion, ECW champion, intercontinental champion, and world tag-team champion. And now, the Second City Saint has apparently been rewarded with a lady.

According to DesignTrend, not Punk but Lee was recently announced as one of the playable characters on 2K Sports’ new WWE 2K15 video game. Among the others: Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Naomi, Cesaro, and Bray Wyatt.

Neither Lee nor Punk have tweeted for several days about anything. They haven’t officially announced their change in marital status either.

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